Wikis are webpages created by someone to inform others about a topic.  These wiki pages are able to be edited by those who have more knowledge about the subject matter and can add/delete/edit the content to enhance the wiki page.

Wikis are new to me in the sense of working with them.  I have looked at them before, but never edited them for others or created my own before.  I am excited to learn more about them and work with them in this class.

Wikis in the classroom are an interesting thought.  I haven’t thought of using them in the classroom until I saw this module.  Because I haven’t worked with them before is possibly why I haven’t thought of using them in the classroom.  I can see the combination of using the project based learning (PBL) approach and the wikis together to form a cohesive project for the students and the teacher.  According to our text, wikispaces is “a popular school wiki platform, Wikispaces offers free community wikis with simple page editing and discussion areas.” (Boss, S. p. 243).  Wikispaces is a good wiki website to start with if you (as a teacher) is wanting to use a wiki for your PBLs.

Because wikis can be edited, items able to be deleted, and/or information changed, wikis can be a tough area to keep each student’s work from being deleted by others.  According to Ms. Decker, our blackboard site allows her to see who edits what information at what times and what was added/edited/deleted.  This allows her to keep track of our contribution to our group work.  I like was a little concerned about MY information and where it “goes” when or if I add/delete/edit information on our own blackboard wiki.  I haven’t played around with the Wikispaces at all, but I am also wondering about the same thing with that website.  I would like to see what my students contribute and when.  By seeing this can help me to see who is engaged in the group work and who isn’t.  Although wikis are a single page, I believe using them in the classroom is a great idea to help students collaborate and work together to make a webpage as a group.


One thought on “Wikis

  1. Hi Joyce, I haven’t thought of using them in the classroom in the sense of a classroom page until I started researching due to this assignment either. I agree that it is a good place to start to form a cohesive classroom environment. The video you chose to share has some great information for me to think about when I have my own classroom.


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