Screencasting is new to me.  I never knew what I was watching and that it was called a screencast.  Now that I know what a screencast is I am seeing them all the time.  Screencasting is something that is used for all kinds of explanations, such as teaching subject matter.  Education is where you mainly see screencasting.  Some examples of screencasting in education are when a teacher explains a project and uses powerpoint to discuss the project; a teacher uses screencasting with online courses to teach concepts; and to explain how to use a specific software.  Teachers use screencasting to explain a lot of their information to the students in many different ways.  Screencasting is beneficial to the students so they are able to watch the information more than one time in order to refresh their memory when needed.  If the student only has lectures in a classroom setting without screencasting, they do not have the ability to rewind the lecture and review the information when needed.  The student would have to rely on the notes that they had written down.

St. John’s University shows examples of how screencasting is used in the educational setting at

I plan to use screencasting as a math teacher to explain different math questions and how they are answered.  This way the student will be able to go back to the screencast to find the answer to their questions when they are at home working on their homework.  This will allow the parents to become more involved and understand what the teacher wants out of their child and how the teacher would like their child to answer the math question.

The following is a video (screencasting) about geometry triangles:


One thought on “Screencasting

  1. Great post Joyce! I too had the same minimal experience with screencasts. It was definitely an “Ah-Ha” moment when I realized that I have been exposed to screencasts through out my graduate program. I never knew how much work it actually took to put one together before this class. I truly appreciate how you were able to find a screencast relevant to the area you would like to teach. I think that this will be beneficial for future references and to provide students with an alternative way of grasping difficult concepts such as math. I think if I had screencasts guiding me through different content within my secondary schooling, I believe that it would’ve helped tremendously in understanding the content. Thank you for the math screen cast video!


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