EPortfolios are webpages that show your professional resume, career ideas, store documents for others to see, etc.  Using ePortfolios in your professional teaching career is a great opportunity to showcase your profile as well as discuss with other professionals about your creative teaching ideas.  Not only can you discuss your ideas with others, you can save documents to the ePortfolio to allow your students to access for projects, basic information, calendar due dates, etc.  Not only is this helpful for your students, but the parents can have access to the same information and can help their children if needed.

According to MyLabSchool (at http://wps.ablongman.com/ab_mylabschool_demo_1_UB/25/6412/1641568.cw/index.html) the benefits to teachers are: making teachers learners, opportunities to learn about technology, enhance teachers’ impact on students, demonstrates teacher competence, help teachers get jobs, more portable, and charts future professional growth.  I can see these benefits in creating my own ePortfolio.  It will allow me to feel accomplished and allow for growth in my career.  I am excited to use ePortfolios for my own benefit.

Here is a video I found that explains in an easy way how ePortfolios are used:

Using ePortfolios in the classroom with my future students can help me as a teacher to organize papers and make it easier to grade student’s work.  Students are used to working with technology and this will allow students to be more comfortable working with technology while learning in the classroom.  I believe students will have more learning opportunities with the used of the ePortfolio technology.


3 thoughts on “ePortfolio

  1. Hello Joyce,
    You are very right when you say that as teachers eportfolios can help us organize everything that we know in one spot to showcase it. I think it would be a good idea to include the link to our eportfolios in our resumes so that the district that we are applying for can see all the wonderful additions that we would bring into their school.
    I am currently in the process of applying for jobs and I think that adding my epeortfolio would be a great addition to my applications.

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  2. Joyce,
    Great insight. I agree that ePortfolios are great tools for us to use to showcase our skills and talents for potential job opportunities as teachers. And like you said, it is also a way for teachers to get to know the instructor so they can feel confident in the curriculum. One other important point that you mentioned is that the students can feel more comfortable with an ePortfolio because it is more similar to the technology they use on a daily basis at home as opposed to textbooks and whiteboards that we are used to. I believe it helps in the learning process for modern day students.

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  3. Good Post! I personally thought that eportfolio’s can prove to be very useful. I think that eportfolio’s can supplement many written tasks, as students in this day and age are having trouble keeping up with writing assignments. Since we are utilizing technology,( and most students are familiar with computers) eportfolio’s can definitely be incorporated as a alternative learning tool. I also agree that students will have more learning opportunities with the use of eportfolio’s. It’s a great way to organize a collection of information received by the teacher, and students can refer back and update this information as new and relevant content is added. The possibilities for its use is limitless.

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