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Social media is not only about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.  Social media also includes YouTube, tumblr, other blog sites, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.  I use social media on a daily basis outside of my school setting.  I use Facebook and tumblr for the use of blogging my son’s growth progress to my family who are states away from where I live, so they are able to keep up with him and my family.  I mainly use tumblr for that purpose, but I use Facebook as well to document his growth.  I use Facebook to express my feelings, as well as document my interests.  Now that I am a mom, I like to keep up with other moms and what they do to keep up with toddlers and different hacks to help along the way.  I am associated with groups that post local news as well as Southern California news.  Facebook is where I see my news and then I branch out of Facebook to find credibility of those news stories.  Not everything on the internet is true and finding the websites that are credible are crucial to your valuable knowledge.  Another use of Facebook for myself is to keep up with old friends from high school and to see what everyone is up to.  To me it is an easy way to keep up with what people do so you don’t feel left out when you are able to talk to them or see them again.  I am this way with my best friend who lives on the other side of the country.  We keep both of us in the loop as to what is going on by posting pictures and status’ so when we do get together, we are living in the moment enjoying each others company and not trying to play catch up with our lives.

Social media in the classroom for most teachers is not a good thing, but they need to grasp that social media is not going away and to use social media as a way to educate students.  According to Marie Owens (, social media use in the classroom is a great tool to teach students how to use it properly.  It also engages them to learn more about the social media use other than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  By using social media such as student blogs, which teachers can monitor, can help with in class projects such as PBLs.  This also allows students to become more aware of different cultures.  By allowing students to use social media to learn about their projects they can see where other students around the globe come from and what their life styles are.  By allowing the students to see the different cultures will help the students to become more well-rounded and appreciate those who have other cultures.

The following video shows a teacher who have students in the 1st grade who use social media such as blogs and twitter to keep track of their progress and to socialize with other students across the world.


5 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. I enjoyed your post Joyce! I agree that social media is not going away and us as educators do need to evolve! The whole purpose of teaching is being open-minded, as well as being teachable. I think that social media is a powerful source when used correctly. There should be guidelines, and safety information provided if planning on using it in the classroom. In my post i stated that there is a big gap between student engagement and comprehension, and I believe social media can be a great tool to narrow that gap. Is it the only way to engage students? Of course not, but it is another way to differentiate instruction. I especially love your video, because it is giving other educators a glimpse of its potential!

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  2. Interesting post on social media! It is interesting to see the growth of the way we communicate and interact is primarily through technology. That is my primary reason for thinking that there is no stopping social media’s impact on education and culture. In fact, it’s already begun in my opinion! I think my question is how to embrace this shift rather than trying to shelter the students. That is why for my PBQ I want to incorporate social media to see if it could be utilized in the classroom somehow or if it would be too much of a distraction. Great job, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on where we are headed in regards to social interaction.

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  3. All your points are valid Joyce. Social media has been an ongoing debate about whether it should play a part in education. There are benefits for today’s digital learners while others will still say that we should remove social media from classrooms. I will say that that finding a middle ground has become a challenge! I really enjoyed the Youtube video and how she used Twitter and other social media in the classroom. I agree that social media can enrich the learning experience if used the proper way. It allows students and teachers to connect and interact among each other in a more modern way. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all are good ways to exchange ideas and create discussions inside and outside of the classroom. Great points Joyce.

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  4. Joyce, I agree with you that Social Media is a tool that does not seem to be inherently good for a classroom setting yet it is not going away. As teachers we must utilize Social Media in a way where it can be beneficial and not detrimental to students. Social Media is important because it is what kids these days are accustomed to and when they see it in a classroom they are less intimidated and thus more willing to learn.


  5. Joyce, I totally agree with you about teaching students how to use social media properly. Too many negative things are said and I believe some families are failing to educate their children on how to properly use it. Unfortunately, teachers also have to fill in where the parents fail. I was really surprised at the YouTube video on 1st graders using social media in the classroom. It just goes to show us that you are never too young to learn.

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