Copyright Laws

Copyright Law


I knew about copyright laws, but always forgot about them.  This week’s module allowed me to remember what I already knew and learned more.  Some copyright laws that I already knew were that you could only copy enough handouts out of a particular book/journal to your classroom students, no more.  I remember in high school one teacher had told me that she wasn’t allowed to make more copies of the particular handout due to copyright laws.  Of course I was confused and went on with my normal day.  Throughout college I knew I had to site my sources when writing papers and such, but this week I learned that siting sources is not how you get around the copyright laws.  Getting permission to display copyrighted material is the best option for anyone who wants to use the information.  According to the Copyright Clearance Center,, copying material in the classroom is ok to do, however certain guidelines are followed.  Following the specific guidelines is beneficial to both the teacher and the school.  If the teacher is following the guidelines, then the school has a better chance of not being sued by the publisher.

Technology use in the classroom is becoming more relevant each and every year.  With copyright laws being always in affect, students are strongly recommended to learn these laws so they are not using the copyrighted material inappropriately in their project based learnings (PBLs).  Teachers are those who educate students to become successful in there careers/life, so educating students on copyright laws seem to be beneficial to their future.  I believe teachers should be responsible adults and model to their students on how to be the best they can be ethically to their environment.

In the following video explains how teachers sometimes are unaware of how copyright laws work and think that everything falls under the “fair use” law.  This video is also a good educational video that explains what copyright laws are.


3 thoughts on “Copyright Laws

  1. Thank you for your interesting and informative post. I too, didn’t know much about copyright law but this assignment and the readings/videos helped me become more aware of how prevalent this subject is. Especially in the classroom, I can understand the urgency with which copyright law needs to be taken. Not only does administration need to approach this issue with caution, but the student body and faculty as well. Although this topic isn’t the most appealing to me, it is very helpful to be aware of when dealing with a multitude of sources in the classroom. We want to respect and give credit to original works and it is a very important matter!


  2. Joyce, after reading your blog I became aware of how important it is to teach my students about copyright laws. Even after reading and watching all of the information in this module, I have never even thought to explain to students about it until I read your blog. Also, you have helped me to realize that I need to check out my school districts guidelines when it comes to copyrighting. It is better to play it safe than to go against what they have in place. Thank you for all of your informative insight!!!


  3. Joyce, I also barely remember some of the copyright awareness we were taught in high school and college. It seems as though teachers do not use like they used to when we were in school. I always remembered having to submit my work through the site first to check for any plagiarism. Social sites and the web makes cheating easier, whether it’s text messaging answers to friends in class or downloading pre-made essays online. We as educators need to remember how to reward creative thinking and offer better lessons about proper citations.


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