Wow! I think I made it..

Before I began this class I had heard how hard it was going to be, but after completing this course I realized it wasn’t hard at all, it was just very time consuming.  At the start of this class I had learned about how the schools should be in the cloud and driven by the students rather than the teacher.  This idea brought new ideas and insight to my future teaching career.  I also started a blog about all the information that I have learned throughout the course.

The main objective in this course was to learn about all the technology that is or could be used in the classroom other than the traditional teaching methods, one being a project-based quest (PBQ) that groups students together and allows them to learn the project by researching on their own without the teacher.  By learning what the end project needs, each week we learned about what technologies are used in the ending projects.  Google has many avenues that you can use with youtube, word, excel, and powerpoint, to just name a few.  With google, you are able to create webpages as well.  Using Google sites we created an eportfolio on our teacher portfolios.  My eportfolio is as follows: Joyce Sampson’s ePortfolio. Other technology that I learned about consist of wikis and screencasting.  Wikis are sites that multiple people edit to create a site that provides beneficial information for others.  Screencasting is a recorded video of your screen and provide information to someone.  So an example of one is the following:

The video above shows my final project-based quest.

More technology I learned about were tools that you can use in the classroom for your students to learn from.  One tool I picked for my PBQ is called SketchUp.  The following link (SketchUp) is where I was able to download a free version to my laptop to create many ideas.  I created a screencasting on SketchUp and the following video shows just that:

One last tool I have learned to use is creating a video (commercial) using a website with animated characters.  We created a commercial about copyright laws in the classroom.  Here is the commercial I made:

After creating all of these videos, screencastings, wikis, and websites I have learned a lot within the last 10 weeks of this course and I am proud to say that I have made it to the end and have written all of this down to use in my own classroom once I have completed this credential program.  I am hoping all of you have learned as much as I have!


One thought on “Wow! I think I made it..

  1. You did it, Joyce! Thanks for your persistence, enthusiasm, and dedication. I know this class has a certain reputation, but I’m glad you hung in there. I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

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