About Me!

My name is Joyce Sampson and I live in southern California.  I was born in Phoenix, AZ and when I was three I moved to upstate New York to a town called Hudson Falls.  I lived there for 10 years and then moved to Florida because my grandparents moved there and my parents wanted to follow them so they could be close to them.  We ironically ended up in a town called Hudson.  When I had moved to New York I had become a gymnast and became a great gymnast more so when I was in Florida.  When I was in 12th grade, I tore my Achilles tendon while doing my floor exercise routine.  By this time I had accepted a scholarship to the University of Bridgeport (they are located in Bridgeport, CT) and wanted to be on their gymnastics team.  I went on to graduate high school from Hudson High School and still went on to the University of Bridgeport (UB) to pursue my goals.  I wanted to become a chiropractor and during my research had found that the University of Bridgeport had a great program for that.  I was excited to start my career goals.  When I was at UB I had torn my ACL in my right knee while I was dismounting the uneven bars at a competition.  After the school year was over I ended up moving back to Florida and started working.  After a year of working I was able to go back to school to get my bachelor’s degree.  I received my bachelor’s degree in business finance from the University of South Florida (USF).  When I was working on my bachelor’s degree I had met a guy who I loved very much and he was moving to California.  After I had graduated from USF I ended up moving to California to live with him.  After searching for jobs associated with finance I had come to a dead-end.  I got a basic job and decided to go back to school to get my MBA.  I went back and got my MBA with a focus in accounting from the University of Phoenix (UP).  After completing my MBA I still wasn’t able to find a job in the field that I wanted (finance).  So after thinking for a while I had decided that I loved math (thanks to my amazing high school math teacher) and wanted to look into teaching.  So I decided to tutor some students to see if I liked it and go from there.  After seeing two amazing students go from C-D work to A-B after tutoring them for a few months made me want to pursue teaching more.  So this is how I ended up deciding my next goal in life, becoming a teacher.  Between my MBA and starting the teaching credential program I had married my sweetheart and had an amazing sweet little boy (who turns 1 on 3/29/15, this weekend!).   I would do anything for them!

Whelan and I

Whelan and I (he was about 9 months here)


4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Wow! You have accomplished a lot! Hopefully you are able to pursue and then live out your passion in one shape or form. Your son is such a cutie by the way! It was great getting to know you through your “About Me!” It appears to me that you will be great at anything you do!


  2. Joyce,
    I can tell that you are a really hard worker and you push forward to achieve your goals. I really admire that. I feel very fortunate to have you in my group! Although I know you have your hands full with having to care for your baby. Keep at it and let’s get the most out of this class.


  3. Welcome to 407, Joyce! And happy birthday to Whelan! What a cutie! I’m glad you kept persisting in finding the right career and that you’ve ended up in teaching. I’m looking forward to working with you this term!


  4. Nice to meet you Joyce! And happy birthday to that little cutie! So sweet. I can tell you have put a lot of effort in to your busy schedule and are passionate about what you do! That is a contagious attribute! I am looking forward to working together in our groups. Probably won’t ever meet face to face, but it will be fun to learn about you via technology and communicate that way!


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